Friday, November 11, 2005

Lying To People Can Make Them Think You're Dishonest...Sometimes

After repeatedly lying to the American people, George Bush has found that some Americans think of him as dishonest. Strange...

A new poll showed that 57% thought Bush to be dishonest, which is odd, because Bush is, in fact, incredibly dishonest. Like, he lies, and gets caught at it, and lies again. So you'd think 100% would find him dishonest.

But strangely, that kind of math doesn't work here...more than 4 in 10 found him honest! Who were these ill-informed people?
Whites, Southerners and white evangelicals were most likely to believe Bush is honest. pale skinned people from the part of the country with the lowest educational standards, and who believe that the earth was formed in 6 days by an angry, angry man who lives way up in the sky, think of Bush as an honest truth-telling man.

And these, apparently, are the people who are out there voting.


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