Sunday, October 23, 2005

The New Conservative: Crybabies In Office

Sen. Tom Coburn, in a rare moment legislative clarity and common sense, thought it might be a good idea to limit spending on ludicrous pork projects until we clean up the open sewer that used to be New Orleans (full story here). Bully for you, Sen. Tom! I'll momentarily overlook the fact that you're an execrable idiot who denies global warming, has a paranoid fear of lesbians, thinks homosexuals form a secret cabal that's trying to take over the world, and believes that the worst thing that's ever happened in America is that "Schindler's List" was allowed to be broadcast on national television.

Sadly, Mr. Coburn was up against a corrupt government that is dead set on building bridges to nowhere. Well, not exactly nowhere, but to tiny, nearly uninhabited areas of Alaska. Of course, such bridges will cost 453 million dollars (a million is a thousand thousand!), just to get them started.

So the fine Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens, in an interesting display of "being a crybaby" and "acting like a spoiled three-year-old" said that if the Senate took away funding for his bridges (yeah, he named one of them after himself) he'd quit the Senate, and, I don't know, take his big bundle of cash and go home?

I say, let him go! Of course, the Senate is a loving, sentimental place, and not wanting to hurt Stevens feelings, they voted 82 to 15 against Coburn's amendment that would have cut funding for the special feelings bridges. While this kind of bipartisan support for a colleague's temper tantrum is touching, it also somehow makes me feel like my head is about to explode.


Anonymous Jo macDougal said...

The Republicans have moved farther to the left each of the last 5 years. Today they are more liberal than the Democrats. This vote is just one of many liberal votes by a Republican controlled Congress. As Jefferson used to say 220 years ago, "power corrupts...." GOP has become very corrupt the last 5 years.

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