Friday, October 07, 2005

Discharging Gay Linguists

This headline is funny when you first read it, and then becomes sad. Basically, the army thinks it's more important that gay people be unemployed than it is that Americans have good intel about the people who might want to blow up our buildings while we're in them.

I can see a real rationale for this, though. Well, not a real one so much as a crazy crack-head made up one. But still, technically, a rationale.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gays would ruin the esprit d'corps!" That's the rationale. Basically what the military is admitting is that their soldiers, who are vigorously trained to be tough and disciplined, are just too mentally weak to handle having different sorts people around. That is basically what they're saying -- that they don't have faith in the discipline of their soldiers.

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