Saturday, June 25, 2005

Waking Up To A True America

Recent polls indicated that Karl Rove's efforts to turn lies into accepted truths are starting to fail. Rasmussen reports that more Americans now believe that the war in Iraq was started by George Bush (famous for starting the war in Iraq) than by Saddam Hussein (famous for being a murderous dictator who, in spite of all his other crimes against humanity, didn't start the most recent war in Iraq...he did start some other wars though!)

President Bush, no longer riding the wave of Anti-French sentiment that swept American after 9/11, is also seeing his poll numbers begin to reflect the reality of his failed presidency.

Zogby has him at 44% approval rating, the liberal media scoundrels at Gallup place him at 47%, the fair and balanced pollsters at Fox give him 48%, and the anti-Americans at CBS News/New York Times give him 42%. Shockingly, in spite of his low poll numbers, Mr. Bush recently won an election to be head of a well known nation-state!


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