Saturday, June 18, 2005

Red Cross Commie Bastards

There's this weird paranoia brewing among Republicans, where they think that any criticism of America is the result of an anti-American agenda. It's become especially intense with the release of Amnesty International and The Red Cross's reports on torture and mistreatment of prisoners by the US.

The lame rhetorical trick being used against Amnesty is to focus on one word (ONE WORD) in their latest report in an effort to discredit them. It's true: Amnesty used the word "gulag." Therefore the thousands of other words in the report are all lies. And the idea that Amnesty is anti-American is just perverse: they write up 149 countries for abuses. It's incredibly whiny and pathetic to think they're "picking on" the US.

In other perversions, Republican Senators just released a report entitled "Are US Interests Disserved by the International Committee of the Red Cross?" The answer is clearly "no." US interests, as I understand them, should include the free exchange of information and the end of abusive actions all over the world. That's what the Red Cross is after: the very interests that the US claims to champion. Well, unless "US Interests" now means something else.


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