Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is This A Rerun?

The scandal-ridden Bush administration puts out so much fodder, it's starting to seem like it's repeating itself. The standard Bush admin story is: someone in the fold alters scientific findings to make them more amenable to big business or the religious right. The latest culprit, Philip A. Cooney, edited EPA reports and

[took] out a whole paragraph warning about higher temperatures resulting in melting glaciers and snow peaks in polar regions and having "serious impacts" particularly on Native American tribes that rely on fishing and hunting for their livelihood.
No surprise there, nor any surprise in learning tha Cooney has no scientific background. Nor is there any surprise in learning that he
recently left his EPA job and took another job...working for renowned environmental activist group ExxonMobil.

What I like best about the Bush admin is not the complete lack of ethics and morals, but the absence of accountability.


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