Thursday, May 05, 2005

Religious Fundies' Anti-Science/Anti-Woman Stance Now Joined As One!

Cervical cancer could be virtually eliminated by the use of a new vaccine. However, for reasons which defy reason and would be accessible only to those who believe that a dead carpenter will be stopping by shortly to kill all the gays, religious right elements are trying to stop the use of this vaccine. This is almost too appalling to comment on. I understand that these people think that scientists are out to destroy their way of life by, I don't know, curing diseases and helping the blind to see and lots of other stuff that Jesus used to have a monopoly on, but going out of your way to stop the use of a life saving treatment is just, well, that's why they invented the word "evil."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DUDE, I am very disappointed that you haven't updated your blog in a while! Especially considering all the shit going on! What's this...Bush vows to veto anything that will help promote stem-cell research, even while scientists in South Korea found a way to make it vastly more efficient? And what's this about the White House blasting Newsweek for damaging U.S. reputation, even while Newsweek was referencing a Pentagon investigation and got the thumbs up from two top Pentagon officials before going to print? And while everybody has known for years that "Koran in toilet" is just the tip of the shit-burg as far as U.S. abuse and disrespect toward Muslims in Guantanamo Bay is concerned? And oh yeah, by the way, Bush's spokesman is all down on Newsweek, but meanwhile Bush doesn't see much cause for concern in Saddam "underpants" photos turning up on the UK Sun tabloid even though it clearly shows that the U.S. military STILL hasn't found a way to keep a lid on photos after all the crap at Abu Grahib? And, um, by the way, what's going on with the Iraq civil war, oops, I mean insurgency? And Afghanistan poppy farmers (backed by Karzai!) versus the Taliban (how do they still exist?)? And the U.S. constantly pulling strings in Venezuela? And U.S. military getting caught smuggling cocaine in Colombia? And all the other horse phooey going on in the world??? POLITART, WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!!?

7:28 AM  
Blogger boredoom said...

Wow, they promote abstinence by saying sex spreads HPV, and then they protest a vaccine against HPV because it could lead to sex!

3:55 PM  

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