Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rapist Opposed To Birth Control, Enjoying Bush Appointment

It looks like Dr. David Hager, the right-wing Christian misogynist who made some news in the past when Bush nominated him to sit on an FDA committee on reproductive drugs, might not get reappointed.

A little backrgound on Dr. Hager: he doesn't believe women should take any sort of contraceptive. Further, he's written anti-scientific screeds that say a woman should deal with PMS by means of prayer and that the best approach to restoring a woman's health is to restore women to the role of "home economists," which will bring back their "natural rhythms."

More recently, Hager made the news when the FDA overruled the 23-4 vote of its advisory panel in favor of making Plan B, an emergency contraceptive, more easily available. It seems that Dr. Hager, champion of women's rights, had written a memo to the FDA which they chose to follow over the advice of real doctors.

But it's not like Hager didn't have good backing on his position:

"I argued from a scientific perspective, and God took that information, and he used it through this minority report to influence the decision," Hager said. "Once again, what Satan meant for evil, God turned into good."
O, ok, as long as your scientific perspective references God and Satan, I'm sure it's rigorously researched.

Strangely, while Hager slavishly follows God's unwritten and unspoken edict against abortion and contraception, he's not so keen on following the rules against anal rape (to be fair, God comes out in favor of rape a few times as well), an act he committed repeatedly on his drugged wife. This Nation article details the years of abuse he heaped upon his lawful, Christian spouse.

At times, Hager would pretend that he hadn't meant to have forcible anal sex with his wife:

"He would say, 'Oh, I didn't mean to have anal sex with you; I can't feel the difference,'"
The fact that Hager is a gynecologist makes this statement, well, somewhat interesting.

But mostly, he would wait until his wife was unconscious due to the drugs she was taking, and then he'd just show her God's awesome power, prison style.

It's nice to see that this is the man the Bush put in charge of women's reproductive health. Until the Nation article came out, it was generally expected that Hager would be reappointed when his term ran out on June 30th. Surprisingly, now that he's been revealed as a rapist, he won't be back on the panel. You'd think the fact that he prescribes prayer for PMS would be enough to get him kicked off a panel that's supposed to be composed of scientists, but I guess it's all good to believe in magic, as long as you're not raping anyone.


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