Monday, May 23, 2005

Attack of the People Who Are Afraid of Clones

Apparently basing legislation on the fearsome view of the future provided by "Star Wars Episode 2: Some Shit About Clones," both Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney and President of the Former United States George W Bush are threatening to kill bills that provide for the possibility of doing fundamental medical research.

In Mass., a bill designed to foster stem cell research is being blocked by the governor, who doesn't understand that an undifferentiated cell mass with no neural tissue can in no way be said to be a person. Similarly, in what was once the White House, semi-president Bush said he would veto any bill that "destroys life in order to save life." Since, again, his definition of life is "undifferentiated cell mass lacking even basic neurons," it's a little hard to imagine what would be allowed under his principles. I guess combat deaths don't count, since, while they do destroy life, they don't actually save life. Also, executions would be fine, since, again, it's destroying life without saving life. But don't you dare try to destroy "life" (herein defined as microscopic blob of protoplasm) in order to save life! The destruction of life must be wanton and senseless if it is to pass the president's high moral standards!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there you go again! thanks for the smoking gun link, that's a good'un! bush and kenneth lay, sitting in a tree...

you dropped out for a while, politart! i was worried! nobody tells it quite like you do! they really should, though, because maybe then we would not have a totally evil government that has sent this country down the toilet faster than a copy of the koran!

6:39 AM  
Blogger JamesDiG said...

Hey there "anonymous." Sorry I dropped out for a while. I was suffering from tendonitis and couldn't type. Will have more up this week.

11:43 AM  

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