Friday, April 15, 2005

No Tea Parties For God

Mr. President George W. Bush is very fond of his faith-based initiatives, and he likes to encourage the practice of religion. Bully for him! Of course, by "religion" he means something like "that nice version of Christianity that me and Mrs. Bush practice." So he's been happy to give money to groups that teach fake sex-education courses, to "faith based prisons", and to allow groups that receive federal money to discriminate against non-believers in their hiring practices, as long as it's in the name of the Angry Sky God.

(For those not keeping up on Sky God, he was born to an unwed mother, and then he advocated tearing families asunder (Matthew 10:35,), giving up all of one's worldly possessions (Matthew 19:21), and paying your taxes (Romans 13:6,7). And then, two thousand years later, he decided to dump all that for the more holy advocacy of hating gays.)

However, sometimes Christians can go too far even for Mr. Bush. If your religion is all about denying people access to potentially life-saving treatments like stem cells, or if it’s all about making homosexuals second class citizens, then GW is on your side. If it’s about getting high for thirty minutes twice a month, i.e. not hurting anyone but yourself, and probably not even yourself, then GW would like to fuck you. Thus, this group of New Mexico Christians is being persecuted by the Feds for their bi-monthly psycho-active tea drinking ceremony. Which makes sense, because tea-drinking is pretty fucking gay, and therefore against God.


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