Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More Ways To Dumb Down The Republic

An Alabama state representative has introduced a bill to ban all books written by or featuring homosexuals. Yes, written by or featuring. So, for example, the Bible would be banned, as would anything written by right-wing icon Alan Bloom, father-of-philosophy Plato, noted renaissance man Leonardo DaVinci, renowned writer Virginia Woolf, and even beloved magicians Siegfriend and Roy!!!

O, and I guess that would now include anything by Abe Lincoln. Then again, I'm pretty sure the Alabama legislature wouldn't be too fond of the sort of stuff Lincoln was saying anyway.
In other efforts by the right wing to see to it that our children is stupider than us, the Kansas board of education, in an attempt to regain the glory of its 1999 decision to eliminate the teaching of evolution in schools, is going to give it another go, this time by attempting to introduce the pseudo-science of "intelligent design" into what had been, up to this point, a science classroom. Because, you know, as Barbie used to say, real science is hard! It'd be much easier if we just make up magical stories about how a special superman created us all with loving purpose so that we could spend our whole lives worshipping him. Because he's a little insecure. But very, very powerful.


Anonymous hcearwig said...

Might as well throw out basically every video movie guide while you're at it. Catcher in the Rye is kinda gay, too. Every Steinbeck novel, really, now that I think of it (The "Red Pony"-how could we have been so naive!).

2:29 AM  

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