Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Big, Throbbing Polls

Here's something strange: every single poll in the world shows GW Bush's job approval ratings at historic lows, except in one area: his handling of the war on terror. But according to this Reuters story, by the U.S. government's own estimate, terror attacks tripled in 2004. So why do people think GW is doing a good job fighting terror?

Maybe it's because he's doing so poorly on everything else that a mere three-fold increase in the incidence of serious terror attacks seems like a relatively good rating. In fact, no president has had a lower approval rating at this point in a second term. Bush currently stands at 45%. Guess which two-term president had the next lowest approval rating at this point? Nope! Ronald Reagan, at 56%.

Cause he was the most popular president ever!


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