Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Think Christ or Starve

Ever wonder why GW has been so eager to use your tax payer dollars to fund groups that believe the world was created in six days by an angry guy who wants you to chop off your foreskin and stone homosexuals to death?

It's all part of transfering government services to the private religious sector so that they can discriminate in ways that would be otherwise illegal. I'm not applying a motive ex post facto here: the government is actually tasking the Justice Department with supporting the rights of those who wish to discriminate against Jews, Muslims and atheists.

See this article for the details.

The short version is that the Salvation Army, using money from the government (i.e. your and my money), wants to be able to hire people, pay them with that money, and fire them or refuse to hire them if they don't accept that some smelly desert dweller circa 30 AD was able to do magical stuff like make alcohol beverages for free and bring back the dead and die on a cross and shit.

Now, not everyone wants to give up rational thought and evidence-based belief systems in exchange for random bullshit that makes no fucking sense and has nothing to back it up. But if you don't want to believe this crap, don't try getting in on any of these publically financed jobs. From now on, government positions are reserved for the gullible.


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