Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Quit Stalin!

Like all of America (by which I mean that tasty slice between Canada and Mexico) I've been enjoying the increasing Stalinization of our country. While we export democracy abroad (and if things keep going the way they are, pretty soon, thanks in part to U.S. efforts, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and the Ukraine will be able to look at the us and say "hey, maybe you ought to have a press that isn't state controlled, a legal system that doesn't condone torture, and a political apparatus that isn't designed to eliminate the civil rights of your political opponents" with no hint of irony or hypocrisy), we're slowly eliminating it at home.

But a Stalinization tactic that I didn't think would make the trip across the pond to our fair country is apparently now in effect: labelling politicaly inconvenient persons as insane. It seems that before the Abu Ghraib story broke an army intelligence non-com "told his commander three members of the counterintelligence team had hit detainees, pulled their hair, tried to asphyxiate them and staged mock executions with pistols pointed at the detainees' heads." In exchange for his honesty on this point, he was accused of being delusional (because U.S. forces would never do anything bad!) and ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Luckily, we have a process of overview and inquiry that is designed to investigate these allegations, and bring to light those responsible. Well, we do as long as Bush's political cronies in the Senate don't block such inquiries.

But that would never happen!

I mean, thank you Reverend Senator Pat Robertson, for taking the tremendously Christian view that we should never question government policy! Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, especially if what you're rendering is human bodies up for torture.


Blogger kant said...

When Gore spoke out against Bush's torture policy, he was roundly declared by all the right-wing pundits to be insane.

4:03 AM  

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