Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Kids today: can't feed 'em, can't legally execute them.

The Supreme Court (of the United States!) decided today that even the most God-fearing Americans (i.e. Texans) should not be allowed to execute anyone unless that person was at least 18 years of age at the time he or she committed the capital offense.

Also today, the UN released a report showing that the US was, amongst "wealthy nations," the one where children are most likely to be poor. (Well, actually Mexico was number one and the US was number two, but that kind of stretches the notion of "wealthy nation.")

Now, aren't these two things linked? I mean, if we could simply kill these kids, they wouldn't be living in poverty (by definition of the term "living.") So it's another case of the hypocrisy of the left: a bunch of bleeding-heart judges go "boo-hoo" for some nasty hoodlums and refuse to offer them the sweet release of death, while the commies over at the UN note that there are too many poor children in the US!!!! As if fixing one problem wouldn't fix the other!

This is why the Republicans control all branches of government, the news media, and your genitals.


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