Sunday, February 27, 2005

SciFi Government

According to this article a Maine legislator is trying to get a law passed that would make it illegal to abort a fetus on the basis of its having the gene for homosexuality....even though no such gene has, as yet, been found.

With this is mind I think we should make more science-fiction based laws, and am proposing the following:

The Robot Liberation Bill, which would allow the pre-emptive killing of Sarah Connor, were she ever to be born.

The Anti-Teleportation Ordinance of 2162, which calls for a ban on all teleportation activity that can accidentally cause the splitting of a teleported individual into two distinct individuals, one good, the other evil.

The Psionic Privacy Act, which makes it a misdemeanor to use psionic powers to take mental "upskirt" pictures of underaged persons and/or androids.

The Quantum Millenium Copyright Act (QMCA) which will allow the copyrighting of all possible states of any given work of art, up to such time as the wave-function of the work is collapsed into a single quantum state, after which the alternate states are only copyrightable in the putatively existing Everett-Wheeler universes wherein those states may or may not be integrative with a cohesive reality.


Anonymous stardust said...

Best yet! More, More!!

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