Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Religion = Deadly, Money-Making Scam

We all know that religion is a good source for supporting our prejudices, but did you know it's a good way to cheat people who are suffering from cancer? When not buffing Madonna's toenails, the fine folk at the Kabbalah center like to offer quack cures to the seriously ill in hopes, I guess, of getting them to avoid seeking real help and thus leading them more quickly to their final appointment with God. As noted in the Reuters piece linked to above, during the course of a BBC documentary:
One of the undercover reporters, who said he was suffering from cancer, was offered a package of remedies for the disease costing a total of 860 pounds ($1,600). They included nearly 400 pounds for 10 cases of Kabbalah water.
What a swell bunch! I hear their next task will be to steal candy from babies. And then beat the babies senseless.

And yet there's a general consensus among everyone from Oprah to GW that religion is somehow a good thing. I guess I use the word "good" differently than they do.


Blogger Juniper Flesco said...

If Madonna is into it, it's probably cool. I mean, she wouldn't choose anything that wasn't obviously of high quality. Remember when she was in "Body of Influence" with Willem Dafoe? Clearly she read the script, which was terrific, especially the scene of hot wax on Willem Dafoe's nipples. Or was it Madonna's nipples? I sometimes confuse the nipples of those two. Anyway, I don't know whether Kaballah includes putting hot wax on the nipples of Rabbis, but I think it would be cool to put hot wax on Ariel Sharon's nipples, only I wouldn't use hot wax, I'd use napalm.

3:47 PM  
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