Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Real Search for Imaginary Weapons

Well, the Bush administration has finally called an end to the search for WMDs in Iraq. Here's an interesting idea: instead of wasting taxpayer money looking for something that you know doesn't exist since you blatantly and knowingly lied about it in the first place, why not have just dedicated those troops to doing something besides snipe hunting like, I don't know, defending the Baghdad antiquities, suppressing the insurgency before it began, guarding the ammunition dumps that were looted by that insurgency, or making sure that U.S.-run prisons in Iraq are properly managed.

No, better to pull an O.J. and go looking for the "real killers." This administration is behaving like a little kid who won't give up his story that a goblin ran in the window and broke the vase. And the public just stands around and smiles while Bush sends valuable troops off to go find the goblins. Isn't that cute? Little Georgie is still pretending to look for WMDS! Well, it'll be a good lesson for him when he finally comes to mommy and says that he made the whole thing up! Then we'll let him have his supper! Luckily, 72% of Bush voters still believe that the weapons are there, so there's little hope of this working against the president, at least not unless some horrible plague of education or critical, rational thought grips the American electorate.


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