Friday, January 07, 2005

The Free and Liberal Media

It's said that media in the U.S. has a liberal bias. If so, then you'll be glad to hear that your taxpayer dollars, drawn from the Education Department, are being used to bribe pundits to pimp the much maligned "No Child Left Behind Act."

The short version is that 240,000 dollars that could have been spent on anti-evolution text books for Kansas classrooms, or sex education classes that promoted the gay agenda (i.e. didn't stress the absolutely proven fact that gays go to hell where they are tortured with fiery, same-sex lovemaking), wound up being given to wealthy blowhard Armstrong Williams under the condition that he "regularly comment on NCLB during the course of his broadcasts." I'm sure it was completely up to him whether or not he commented favorably, and whether or not he informed his audiences that he was in fact a paid whore whose opinion was not so much the result of considered deliberation as it was the product of his desire to add another addition to his summer home.

But it's not like Williams is afraid to take a radical stand that might alienate his reader- and viewership: he recently came out against al Qaeda!

Go get 'em Armstrong! I'm sick of the liberal media coddling al Qaeda! I mean, c'mon, how many pro-al Qaeda stories do we have to read in the New York Times before America comes to its sense and asks that the government give up its "hug an al Qaeda member" program?

Williams asks that it be easier for the government to arrest and detain people against whom they have no evidence of actual wrongdoing. Dude, the only way it could get any easier for the gov't to do that would be if everyone of middle eastern descent just lined up and bought vacation packages for 8-year stays at Guantanamo bay!


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