Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bush Flip Flops On...Ok, nothing about this is funny

I don't have anything amusing to say about the torture fiasco now. This is a complete rejection of what made America one of the most beloved nations on earth (which we really were, not that long ago...note the sharp decline in world opinion of U.S. in this Pew Research poll).

But here's something to be aware of: when Bush claims that he rejects torture, he is simply and plainly lying. As this NY Times article (registration required) makes clear, as recently as yesterday the Bush administration was pressuring congress not to pass legislation that would have prohibited torture. Yes, they were going to pass legislation to prohibit it wasn't already prohibited? Well, Alberto Gonzales seemed to think that it was only sorta kinda prohibited, so Congress tried new wording, something to the effect of "No! Bad president! Stop torturing!"

Apparently, Bush finally understood what that meant. So he killed the legislation.

Goodbye, USA! Hello, USSR!


Anonymous hcearwig said...

they set the standard for torture so high that we are condemned to unending abuse

2:39 AM  

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