Friday, December 24, 2004

Rumsfeld Tells Troops We Can Already Have Winned Again

According to this Reuters report, Don "You Go To War With The Lies You've Got" Rumsfeld has told the troops that they can win this war. Umm, excuse me Monsieur Rumsfeld, but apparently you're forgetting that we've already won this war! On May 1, 2003, our glorious Commandant In Chief, comrade Bush, stood in front of a huge banner announcing "Mission Accomplished." That mission was not "get a bunch of ill-equipped troops stuck in a worsening quagmire." No, it was to bring Democracy and Peace to the poor, brown-ish peoples of Iraq. And if comrade Bush says he accomplished that mission, then I believe him. Perhaps M. Rumsfeld needs a little re-education before he once again claims that a war we've already won still needs to be won.


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