Monday, December 06, 2004

Morons Control Your TV Set...No, Even Dumber Morons!

In case you wanted to watch Saving Private Ryan or maybe look at Janet Jackson's breast, and can't because your television station is now being censored, you should now that 99.8% of all complaints to the FCC about program indecency come from one group.

I'm so glad that a group of people who believe that virgins give birth to fleshy little gods who grow up to walk on water is now in charge of our viewing habits!

Actually, here's a plan: if someone complains about something on TV, let's first figure out if this is just some random crazy person. Here's a test: ask the person if they think a giant sky man made the whole universe in six days, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Then ask that person if any material evidence could change his or her belief about this.

If the answers are "yes" and "no" respectively, then perhaps we could offer that person some basic psychiatric care, or at least an introductory course in critical thinking. And maybe that person shouldn't be in charge of what I can watch on TV.

Just a thought.


Blogger Juniper Flesco said...

What do you have against people who believe in God? Don't you know that God is a metaphor? People believe in a "God" that is a metaphor for "everythingness." Also, when they say He created the earth in six days, then rested, it is a metaphor for the days of the week. In other words, You are God and on Sunday you watch Football. Another thing -- you know Jesus, right? And how he is God's son? That is a metaphor for how our Ego is the son of our Superego. Also, the Id is Satan. Now let's move on to the Virgin Birth. That is a metaphor for Hot Snatch. Your Consciousness (Ego) emerged from Hot Snatch in the service of your Superego which watches Football to satisfy your yearning for Everythingness. Also, Beer is Proof that God wants us to get Wasted.

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