Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bush V. Stalin

Is George Bush a Stalinist?

It’s popular these days to compare GW to Stalin. Sure, Stalin was prettier and killed more people (though George has a lot of time left to catch up: Go USA!) but still, the similarities are striking:

Stalin eliminated the distinction between business and government through socialization of major industries.
Bush is eliminating the distinction between business and government by just kind of handing the government over to a bunch of businesses (cf. the famed “no bid contracts,” Cheney’s “energy policy” committee that was composed solely of oil industry figures, the rewriting of EPA reports at the behest of the energy industry, etc…)
Stalin liked secrecy. Bush LOVES secrecy.
Stalin thought torture was fun. Bush also thinks so!
Stalin was fond of taking over neighboring countries in the name of "liberating" them. Bush likes to take over distant countries in the name of liberating them!
Stalin liked to manipulate "science," using fake research because it supported his politics. Bush also likes to fake the science!
Stalin had his own news apparatus. Bush has his own news apparatus!
One could go on and on...
However, there is a very important difference between the two men:

George W. Bush has accepted Jesus as his personal saviour and will spend eternity in the arms of a loving God. Stalin hated Jesus and is currently roasting in Hell, where he will burn for all time. Not for the killing and lying mind you, just for the not believing in Jesus part. Because that's wrong.

So, in conclusion, all the "pundits' who've been comparing Bush to Stalin have really missed the big picture. Plus, Stalin was never a pathetic, alcoholic, coke-head. True fact.


Blogger kant said...

Mr. Dig, I love you.

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Blogger kant said...

And, let's just admit it, your 'paper' is so pretty. But I don't mean that in a 'gay' way; I just mean it in an elevated discourse way, the way a scholar who knows his parchments and also all about how it was all only intercrural would say it.

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